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How much do you make working on a cruise ship?

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I have a friend a good friend who works on cruises with the children. She makes about $10,000 for 3-4 month stretch (with no additional expenses-her room and board is covered).

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The earnings for any Cruise Work will depend on what type of job he has and how many hours he works for a day...


Here is a pretty neat video about cruise ship jobs

Having traveled on two cruiseliners, I was able to talk with the cabin crew, who work very hard for minimal money.  Some jobs are more fun than others, but if you are looking to make a lot of money from a cruise ship job, I suppose it depends what one defines as "a lot of money".  Most the people who worked  on cruise ships came from impoverished countries that offered little opportunity.  But, they were hired if they could speak several languages or picked up language easily.  Another priority was being good to customers even when the customers were difficult.  Many people had the goal of getting to the USA and were working hoping to be transferred to another ship which would get them closer to the U.S.  That was often their main goal.

If jobs look to good to be true, they probably are.  You could find yourself stranded somewhere far from home if you miss the ship or if you are let go.

One should ask the pod cast speaker why he is a former employee of a cruise ship? Perhaps, the money is better on land?  Or, perhaps he couldn't handle the stress of working with difficult people?

I've worked in ski resorts when I was considerably younger, and yes, it was fun for a young, single.  But, the public can be very demanding, and having the right temperament is important.

I should think it depends on the amount of money you have stashed away, as well as your skills with languages, and educational level.  Not everyone speaks English, although most do at least on the ships on which we traveled.


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