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Libro rosso is it real? book of love, sarah tamar

libro rosso   is it real?   book of love,  sarah tamar

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if it did dont you think the catholic church would hide it? why is God a man? i think the church hides a lot of truth from us just like the government...what they dont know wont hurt them.....  I actually am a sane person

I can only hope that one day we can all have access to and share this type of knowledge. And if everyone believed, what an amazing world it would be. I can only hope.

God is a "man" in the perspective of mankind which is not connected to gender. Gos is the creator and the ruler of the universe to which creation adheres and reacts. Religions are the poision to the tru word of one of the sons of God, Jesus of Nazareth. As the inceonvenient truth of Al Gore is the truth of the wereabouts of Jesus as God's son quite inconvenient for ALL religions. The presence of Jesus has been abused and manipulated for "church" and other obscure reasons to gain and maintain power. All of us once face a aprt of creation where we have the ultimate questionmark: How is this possible and this in the range between watching an ant to an elephant, a drip of dew and the tsunamy. We the say; "Og my God or even "Jesus Christ" and the one next to us says YOU should not curse, but YOU just said a prayer!!!!Yes YOU are sane, so I am. God doesn't like the book of Genesis, there is no such 7th day of rest, God works on 24/7 on everything and will reveal his intentions in due time! We screw up his creation quite well and his holey wrath is imminent to the suppressors of his "people" which means more that the people of Israel. No need to pray in a church, just watch anything in nature as his creation and be silent and thankful. That's enough power for a thorouhg prayer, The rest will follow. :) 

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