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If jesus was the lamb of god and we follow jesus does that mean we are following a sheep. What does that make us. If we are out and about somewhere and see a sheep, could it be jesus and should we ...

Why such a downer on atheists? So far as the allusion that lunatic asylums are  full of atheists, nothing could be farther from the truth. If anything it's the opposite

I worked for 17 years in a psychiatric ward and it was always overly populated with  patients with religious mania - talking to God or Jesus, or thinking they were Jesus or come in his name to prophesise.

In my experience, atheists dont declare themselves as such, other than for the records. They have nothing to prove or declare to the world. They seem pretty quiet, down to earth sensible folk. In fact you wouldn't know any of them were atheist, or agnostic unless you specifically asked them or studied their files.

It's the religious guys that worried me the most.

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MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

The only use for atheists is as an object lesson in the cost of sheer stupidity, psychiatric disability, useless mind games, absolute bigotry, and wanton psychotic misconduct.


There is no other use for atheists.


give it a break rocmike one alias after the other. mystic, anselmox, fletcher, renner,anonymous and your other aliases you need help no matter what alias you post under. can any of your aliases post without using the words atheists, muslims, racists, leftists, hitler and jeremiah wright? 


Top, sage counsel I will say.  Atheists have some ridiculous quirks to them, but cannot be considered intelligent if Tadpole is any example.  As I consider it, she is their best example.  How dull must be the worst of these clowns?


today its rocmikes alias fletcher turn to post for hours. every day different alias repeating the same crap over and over.

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