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Jello skin -yuck

how to keep skin from forming on jello

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Keep the container tightly covered with plastic wrap while it is setting up in the refrigerator. If that doesn't work you could probably lay the plastic wrap on top of the jello while it sets up, the top might come off though when you pull the plastic wrap off. 

yup you cover the top of the jello befor it set up with plastic wrap and thats all you can do!!

Definitely keep it covered with plastic wrap. You could also make some other fun Jello projects that won't have the skin problem as much. Good luck!

lay plastic wrap directly over the top (actually on top of the jello-like you would with pudding). If I was worried about it sticking I, personally, would have no problem with spraying the Saran with a little cooking spray where it would come in contact with the jello. I am sure there are some that would have a problem. 

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