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Has Jefferson County CO rescinded early release of DUI Probation

I am being monitored by RMOMS in Jefferson County Colorado for a DUI. My probation was to be per the court for 18 months. I was told by RMOMS at the initial session if I was in total compliance with the orders ie., classes, BA's, no contact with police, community service, etc., that they would petition the court after 12 months to drop the monitoring. I have complied in every way and have completed all classes and community service in a timely manner. Now they tell me the courts will not hear for early release of probation. Is this true? 

My employer has just begun releasing people from employment, regardless of years of service, who may be on probation. This was a second DUI over a 10 year span. My BAC was .089, barely over legal limit. The first was .107 in 1997 and that was barely over legal limit. 

I am afraid of losing employment which means I will likely lose my house and possibly any equities, car, etc. My daughter has recently been the victim of a traffic accident as a pedestrian and is in dire need of my help financially, currently. Have the courts of JeffCo changed their policy in this regard.

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RMOMS can always petition the Court with a request for termination.  They can also choose NOT to...especially if they can continue to get your $50 every month.  I work there...I know.  Yes, sometimes the DA or the Judge will deny the request, but then again, your case manager may be telling you that they denied it when they've never tried.  Ask to see the denial (we send the Court an actual termination summary, which they sign whether they approve it or deny it).  Regardless of if they show you or not...you may always ask to see the judge and plead your case for early release.  Take all your DRS paperwork from your classes (Level II and any Track you completed), take your UPS verification, and your proof you did the MADD panel if you were ordered to do one.

Oh, one point that may make a difference is whether or not you were given a deferred sentence.  If that is the case, many times that is something we can't get you off probation early for.  That is a deal you made with the DA, not the Judge...so you are generally stuck with it until you served your full probation sentence. 

Trust me, RMOMS is ALL about the money...I hate that those who can pay are stuck on our caseloads when they've finished everything.  You can thank the regional manager for that one.  He's a treat.  It doesn't matter though...because in all reality, RMOMS can't keep you on probation for not paying your offender fees.  The Court gets really pissed about that, so it may be worth going in front of the Judge if you feel that is the only reason you are still on probation is so RMOMS can collect money from you.  I heard they were doing in that in one district and that they got in some trouble for doing that..so they can threaten you all they want...but they still have to put in for your termination whether you've paid probation or not.  DO pay your court fees, or see the Judge or Collections if you are struggling with making those payments.  Don't let RMOMS keep you without proving to you they've tried to get you off.  Go see the Judge if they still refuse.  We're not allowed to tell you that you can go to the Judge...we get write-ups for it (see, all about making colections every month).  Good luck!!

Thanks. I am going to refuse to pay and request a hearing of the judge Friday after my appointment with my case manager and present the case to him that RMOMS is holding me because I can pay. I already know of a couple who were released early who were questionable at best in their abilities to continue payments. They, also, were not as compliant as I have been with the court's decision either.  RMOMS claims I will continue until March 2009 (18 months). I finished absolutely everything back in January 2008. That is the MADD panel, Public Service, Classes, and all court fees paid at sentencing. I've been doing UAs and Blowing since Sept 2007. Not once have I failed. I have not had a drink since the night I got ticketed, Feb 24, 2007. That way I'll never drink and drive again. I got caught being stupid and not thinking correctly as the influence of alcohol has such abilities to lower inhibition, even mine, twice. Thanks for your advice.  I will keep you anonymous, nothing about this will even be mentioned, though I am curious enough to know who A-Dog is and will ask when I come in. You'll get a smile from me.

So hey, whatever happened in Court??!!  I try to check back every week to see if you've posted an update!  Hope it went well!

I have requested a hearing and was granted one for Tues morning 02/10. They contacted RMOMS about it. I spoke to Jennifer and she informed me that indeed I could request one.  She was so reluctant to even answer me about filing for one that I knew it was senseless to ask them to do it for me. I would not have anyway. I will be surprised if the judge doesn't release me. I completed everything way before I had to and .000s on BAs and previous UAs. Never missed a day. I refused to pay for last months' appointment because I had not been informed that I could file a request for early termination months back when I requested early release (12 mos) from RMOMS.  I thank you so much for informing me.  You certainly did not have to.  I will certainly let you know how it goes.  Thanks for your interest !

So???  Are you finally done paying $50 a month for being done??  Money mouth   Hope so!

I came across this blog and I too am on probation with RMOMS in jefferson county. I really don't like my case manager and is there any way I can request a change? You seem pretty straightforward and fair so is there a chance I could be transfered to you?

I am the guy that was on probation. Not the case manager for RMOMS. I think you have to click on his button and not mine. I got an early release, though the judge claimed she was reluctant to release me early because of a 2nd conviction. She replaced Jim Demlow who retired and her name was Verna Carpenter. Demlow was my original judge. Carpenter, unlike Judy Archuleta who was not retained, has a pleasing demeanor, though her sentencing may be just as severe as Archuleta's if not worse. She told me that if I appeared before her court again for the same offense (DUI,DWAI) that I would receive 1 year in jail and that it would severely alter my life style. She is correct. It would. So far I have not had a drink in 2 years and 4 days and will continue. I am not an alcoholic, rarely drank, and got caught being stupid twice.  Alcohol will affect one's decision making like that. So I just decided I will not ever drink again, therefore will not get caught being stupid a third time. The alcohol class stated that people drive drunk hundreds of times before being caught. Not in my case. Most people in Colorado do not believe that about me, including her, I think, and I guess that is because Colorado is such a drinking state. Whatever. I only know that no judge will ever see me for that again, anywhere. About getting a different Case Manager? You might ask to speak to Jennifer, the Head Madam of the Jeffco joint. She wasn't too friendly with me and I had to resort to expressing my displeasure with RMOMS and threaten to stand out front every day informing their clients that they could request early release, something that RMOMS will withhold, with forms explaining how that request could be made. The case manager that you are trying to reach that responded to my question, I do not believe is at the Jeffco office.

Finally, A Dog, I am able to answer you. I tried several times after the hearing and the site would not post my answer. I am free at last. Of everything except Insurance Premiums. No Interlock ( I got lucky with that, somehow). Someone else has responded to this blog, so you may wish to read the blog further. In it I explain the hearing with Verna Carpenter. Again I want to thank you so much for your help and you remained anonymous throughout. If you ever wanted to contact me directly my email is dvdgdry@aol.com. I certainly consider you a friend. Thanks again, Dave.

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