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What books are you reading during the summer?

Do you plan a list of special summer reading?
  Posted 4 years ago .
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Do you take your children to art galleries?

Do you try to encourage your children to appreciate art through sculpture and pictures in art galleries?
  Posted 4 years ago .
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The return of the "Sweet Valley" girls?

Blast from the past! The "Sweet Valley High" twins, Jessica and Elizabeth, are all grown-up in Francine Pascal's "Sweet Valley Confidential." Did you read the "Sweet Valley ...
  Posted 4 years ago about "'Sweet Valley Confidential': A Bittersweet Return - HuffPost Books"
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Should There Be a Nobel Prize for Women?

Should women be designated a special prize?
  Posted 3 years ago .


Who is your favorite artist?

Do you have a favorite artist?
  Posted 4 years ago .
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