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Discuss Heather Winkles Stevens's answer to: Why does jared on storage wars wear outlaw shirt?

Outlaw Apparel started back in 2002, with 2 friends (Danny Herron& Jarrod Schulz) looking to make a clothing company for them and their boys .... Started off and made a couple shirts as well as stickers, and eventually started to get some recognition.

Outlaw Apparel has always had the desire to sell their clothes and make the company well known....its grew substantially over the last few years and with the new A&E TV show "Storage Wars" Jarrod Schulz ( a main character on the show and co Owner of Outlaw Apparel) looks to make Outlaw Apparel bigger then its ever been....make sure to watch A&E's new hit TV series "Storage Wars" on Wednesdays at 10:30 pm/ 9:30 C to see Jarrod reppin Outlaw Apparel. he 

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