Why are Japanese women so HOT ?! <redundant Q>

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Lived in the Orient for 4.5 years beauty and hotness is relative to the eye and liking and size of the beholder.

I found Oriental women to be the same in mind and needs and thoughts as women throughout the world from every country.  Suppose it is like picking a pet, some like um big and some like um tiny.

Lady Darko

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it cannot be true that women or men of a nation are hot while the other sex of the same nation is not hot

it is maybe only possible that one nation as whole is hotter than another

so id say that dark skinned and haired people are hotter than the fair ones,the blonds

so yr question should be on why this is

and id say that people with darker skin and hairs have more sexual hormones

but my theory is weak cos i view people from india not so hot,like mild

and then again i a wrong cos these people cannot but be very hot,much hotter than germans and other blond people.the only difference between the dark indian people and the dark african people is not in the level of their hotness but in their different culture which makes the indian people not show their hotness so openly as africans do

i myself am white with black hair.so i like the level of hotness of my race.we are in between of too hot and too cold.

so the answer to yr question is that all japanese people are hot and that u being probably a male or a female lesbian notice the hotness only of japanese women and not of men,while i as a woman think that japanese men are very hot.but my logic and knowledge of science tells me that a nation being male or female members have the same geene pool,hot or cold or medium which is best.cos too hot lack in emotion.to cold on the other hand has not enough emotion either.which brings me to another dilemma.something is rotten in these theories but i love them.the gene theory.

There's no god and u know it!!!

Because their women, dummy.. ALL women are H*O*T!! (give or take).

It is depend on the eye of the beholder, even in other country you feel like they are hot not only in Japan. Everywhere is the same thing. It depends to the person.

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