Should Janet Napolitano (Homeland Security Secretary) Be Fired?


Should Janet Napolitano  (Homeland Security Secretary)  Be Fired?




 Mr. Obama recently said of the Christmas Day Terrorist Attack; "There was a mix of human and systemic failures that contributed to this potential catastrophic breach of security,"



 So then if Obama is serious, then shouldn't Obama Fire Janet Napolitano for failing to heed the warning from the Terrorists own Father, 6 months ago?


Father of Nigerian would-be plane bomber warned U.S. - Yahoo! News



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Each And Every One Of Them, Who Do Not Stand Behind The Constitution Of The United States Of America Has Got To Go.

Happy New Year!!! In More Ways Than One.

single, but searching

Someone should take responsibility for a breach in security. In this case it should be the top dog: Janet Napolitano.

"I never learned anything when I was talking." Larry King

Evidently the "buck doesn't stop here", as Harry Truman used to say. I guess it stops somewhere else. Considering that she stated "the system worked" it is clear that she has no clue what is going on. She needs to move on.

Life is a one lap race. Make many pitstops.

Absolutely. I expect her to do her job! This is serious business. She must be incompetent.   All if this happened on the very first year?

Don't just rock the boat, turn it over, if you're not on it! ______________________________________________ Life's Values Honesty, Courage, Gratitude, Responsibility, Charity, Moderation, Hope, Thrift, Hard Work, Reverence, Humility ___________________________________________________

Mr. Obama recently said of the Christmas Day Terrorist Attack; "There was a mix of human and systemic failures that contributed to this potential catastrophic breach of security,"

How quaint! How euphemistic!

I believe that the original was, " I f************ up!"

No. I take that back. The acceptance of personal responsibility is not a characteristic of our current leaders.

And now, boys and girls, who is our current leader.

No, it's not Mickey Mouse. it's


Gratitude as a discipline involves a conscious choice.....* Victims of circumstance owe it to fate. Victims of choice owe it to themselves.*One of the widest gaps in human experience is the gap between what we say we want to be and our willingness to discipline ourselves to get there.

Why her; it is the one who appointed her. It was he who refuses to recognize Muslim terror. It is he who from the start was conciliatory to them. He should GO!!

Yes, by all means she should be fired, but he would rather fire the TSA.

MY FUR BABIES MAX AND SHILOH God did not give me the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 11Timothy 1:7

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