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James (Jamie) O Turner from the Lie to Me credits was a script coordinator for the show. He was also known for other work including producing, production coordinator, and production manager.

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Diogo Besson Thinks this answer is Helpful:

the s03e09 of ltm was dedicated to his memory. James O Turner (1936 - 2010) was part of this amazing serie.

Sandrine Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I´m from Argentina, here "Lie to me" is an  award-winning success like "Dr. House". We love the show. I hope he will rest in peace and I´m grateful to him for being part of this show that makes me feel good.

Srijon Bardhan

lie to me is like pulses for me to my life. I spend nights without sleeping watching the episodes over and over again. James O Turner, you rest in peace. May your soul be proud of making such an awesome series. Btw I am from India.


Rest in peace James. Youve left with us a masterpiece in Lie to Me. Im watching it on Netflix now...doing a marathon. Its spectacular!


lawrence rogers

... ditto Linda's experience ... i discovered Lie To Me last year half way thru the season ... very disappointed when the series did not return but found the "lost episodes" on netflix ... James, wherever you are, your contribution to the series is incredibly impressive to me ... you can tell from watching my face (as you most likely are) that what i say is not a lie ...

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