Jack Wheelis, the man who guarded Goering, marry a woman from N. Carolina?

Was Jack Wheelis, the soldier who guarded Goering during the Nurmeburg trials and supposedly helped him access the poison he used to kill himself before execution, was Wheelis married to a woman with the first name Bobbie?  If so, I knew them as a couple in New York State in the early '50s.

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I think he was in Korea at that time and died in the mid 50s. A heart attack.

my mother's name was not bobbie.  my father was either living in san antonio with his family or in the korean war in the 50's.  he died in may in 54.  ben swearingen wrote a national inquirer type book on the possibility of jack wheelis helping goering commit suicide.  a docu drama was made.   both were manufactured to capitalize on the sensational topic.  one of the other guards has confessed to this recently, but this doesn't make a very profitable story.  my father was not materialistic, something swearington and the film maker just can't seem to grasp.  he, unlike them, was not motivated by the wish to make a buck at anyone's expense, whether dead or alive.  and yes, jack wheelis died of a heart attack.  the "kindly" doctor who examined him for combat duty let him lie down for hours until he got his blood pressure within range for passing the exam.  he could easily have avoided combat duty due to his age and his anteriosclerosis, but he didn't. 

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