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Her paintings are priceless!  I am her only Granddaughter and I miss her so much every day.  I do hope you treasure her painting(s) as much as I treasure my memories of her.  I would love to see what paintings you have.  They are all so beautiful!    

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Caitlin Loehr

Yes, they are priceless! Does anyone know where I could find one of her paintings? My mom has quite a few, and I was thinking I could add to her collection for Christmas, but I have been unable to locate anything about these watercolors. 

James Edward Stanley

I have three all of baby robins. No two the same got them at a yard sale i,m trying to find something out myself.

Michelle Walker

I have a painting of poppy flowers if anyone is interested?

Sarah Simon

I have quite a few of her paintings...mostly Iris..


I do have a bird one with no really good place to hang it. I believe they are chickadees among irises. It is about 14 x 20 framed.

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