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I recently got let go over accounts that there's ...

I recently got let go over accounts that there's been shortages in my department at JCpenney.. I was currently working in the salon, and I have taken a little sum of money out of the draw, and have taken home hair products that i was going to pay for. Unfortunatly I had to confess to them that i have stolen money and merchandise to the loss and prevention people, as well as the local authorities.. They also said that my case was under investigation.. I got escorted by the Police and was told I would be getting a summons to court in the mail. What I was to know is what's going to happen? I understand it is that it's probably going to be in my record, and i may go to court, but I don't want to go to jail for this because it a small case. Help

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Perhaps you should have thought of that before you stole from your employer. I mean, really ~ what were you thinking? There are tons of people out of work and you're lucky enough to have a steady job with a financially secure company ~ so you decide to steal?

Kind of an idiotic thing to do, wasn't it?

If it's a small amount and you have made restitution, you might wind up with probation and community service. If you're lucky. If not, get used to wearing orange.


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