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Love is stronger than hate.

Leftists will do any thing they can to reduce you to hating who ever they hate. There is no ridiculous lie they won't tell as long as it is hateful. Only leftists do that, like ...
  Posted 1 month ago .


Tadpole is badly upset now.

Our leftist board flamer has failed to provide answers to high school level questions, has failed to pass an eighth grade exam, and has failed a fifth grade progress evaluation ...
  Posted 5 hours ago .


How long is the wrong way?

how long is the wrong way?
  Posted 2 hours ago .


How do i let MN know I have moved to FL?

how do i let MN know I have moved to FL?
  Posted 3 hours ago .



how do i erase last 300 sites history?
  Posted 13 hours ago .