Who is Italian Artist P. G. Tiele

Does anyone have any information on the Italian artist P.G. Tiele?  I have been unable to find much on the Web about him/her other than his/her work is from the mid 20th century.  I am interested in a couple of his paintings, but would like more info before purchasing. The sellers don't have any other information than what I've been able to find.  I'm curious as there seems to be a vast range of prices for some of his work I've found on the web.  Any information or ideas for research will be greatly appreciated.


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He made oil paintings. The average pricing on a good day is around 100.00 but in the future it will be worth alot more. Thats just some paintings you can go to the library and ask up on him, I'm sure you will find something.

This web site has an example of one of Tiele's painting as well as the price.

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A few years ago, I found a Tiele's painting at a thrift store for 50 cents! and I do not get tired of admiring it every day.  But, I digress!  You may want to check out this website:  www.rubylane.com/shops/bassfineart/item/THI06032007

Have a oil painting (2 x 4). Looks like Paris with black faces

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