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How long is a Hebrew generation?

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may I ask from what source you base you're answer?


this is a good question , many people want to know the answer about the period the jewish generation is gonna live or exist

according to the holly books, quran , torah , the jewish generation will live only 74 years , wich is a halley commet orbit , it takes it around 74 years to complete one rotate around the sun, so if you add 74 to 1948 the date the state of israel was created or foun , then the new date will be 2022 , the time israel will be no longer exist , the rabbies know this , but they are hiding it from the public jews, if they knew this fact , no body will be living in palestine , its the last place they are going to gather in to build there strength and state up ,

so if we take alook at the current situation , we can see the israel is getting stronger and stronger , this is one of the signs for jews arround the world to come and gather in palestine , the armagadon final battle will be there in palestine

between the jews and the muslims, the boarder line between them will be the river of jordan and make sure at the time no technology and no weapons will be there

only swards , lancers , this is a fact no body knows about it

i advise you to read more and more about the histroy of ancient jews lived in palestine and babylon , where they wrote the protocols of zionist wisemen and the tulmod.

 and to make sure of that look at the flag of israel , the two blue lines and the blue david star

the blue lines represent the nile and the ephurate rivers which means that the great state of israel will be from the nile to the ephurate  and you can also take alook at some of the israeli coins to see the map of the calimed state

this is in brief , but someday they will be defeated and thier state will be disappear


i hope this answer gave you what you were looking for


my life style determines my death style

Hi Bill, ------- A generation according to the Jewish tradition is 25 years (not 40). ------ Best regards,

Love is the battery of life....

My husband knows just about everything there is to know about the bible. hes studied all his life and is also in seminary and he says its 40 years without a doubt.

I am looking at a book in front of me that says 40....sorry. Its 40.

Without trying to open an argument: Let us, please be logical: A generation is the time that takes a son to reach his father's age. Assume that a father is 30 years old and has a son 5 years old. It will take the son 25 years until he is 30 y.o. Now let's see the other option. The father is 45 years old and has a son of 5 years old….. possible but less likely. I sure learnt at school that 25 years is considered, according to the Jewish tradition, a generation (and it makes sense). If I find time I'll look into that matter deeper.

Love is the battery of life....

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