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Can Israel go against Iran without the support of the US? Should they?

Yes she can but it would be very nasty outcome for the Middle East.

No she does not have to ask America permission or for her help.  America does not ask anyones' permission to kill terrorists or to fight to protect her citizens.

Israel is a Nation and Netanyahu has made it perfectly clear to jughead Obama that Israel will do what she has to to protect her country and its' people.  He also has made it clear there will be no getting permission from Obama who he readily understands is no friend of Israel as do the Israeli people. 

If you would tune into the Israeli news on the net or on TV you would hear it for yourself because the dimwits on the Main Media sure as hell won't tell you and that includes FOX.

Lady Darko

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what do you expect these people to do..iran threatens them all the time.....i'm on the jews' side and may the LORD protect them....


lee exactly my point.  Every move Obama has made since coming into office has been anti-Israeli and pro-Islamic.  But then what can we expect from a president whose father was a Kenyan Muslim along with all his people on his father and stepfathers' side.  Not only that his mother embraced Islam.  Obama went to Madrassa in Indonesia for 4 years and attended mosque 5 times a day. This is documented.

Israel is now blamin America for putting her in more jeopardy by announcing when an attack may be.  We know why the WH did this, Israeli news and European News understand the facts it is only Americans left out of the loop and fed only what their government wants them to hear.  Now and again FOX comes out with good stuff on the issue.

Today on the International News they were talking about the Constitution Syria has come up with.  It only allows the president to be in office 2 terms but only allows a Muslim to be president.  90% of Syria Muslim other 10% mixed and have lived together for thousands of years.  Now Europeans questioning America for going along with the Taliban or wanting to negoiate with them and also for backing the rebels in Syria that are Al Queda led.  Europe is calling America hypocrites and reminding people of what happened in Egypt and Libya.  Although the leaders were dictators they were better than what they have now, Jihadists so will go Syria but then again that will make nearly entire Middle East Jihadi and Israel will be really backed against a wall where this Satanic president wants them.  I fully believe it is his intent to see Israel wiped off the face of this earth to please his Muslim brothers.  I said this all along and he sure has followed through.

Lady Darko

PSS Canada and France have said they would help Israel so will many other Nations eventually.


wacko this is nothing but far right extremist crap. when did Egypt give a date on when they are going to attack? obama has said many times they support egypt. none of the other nations including the united states wants egypt to attack iran. stop reading right wing garbage and try finding facts.

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