If this isn't a useless clown who is? http://www ...

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Okay, I liked Reagan, I thought he was a pretty decent prez. But don't go messin with my ocean or we gonna have trouble.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

I happen to be a rodeo clown.  Reagan knew a few things about ranching.  He had a ranch, and ran it properly.  Obama isn't even an American.  All we know about him is he lies, he said he went to Harvard but they can't find his records, he said he was born in the lap of luxury in Hawaii, and it turns out he was lying about even that.

Am I supposed to respect someone who is as dishonest and disloyal as Obama?

In 1952, Reagan bought Rancho del Cielo from the Cielo Family.  Hector Valasquez married their eldest daughter.  They had sold off most of their acreage to pay Hector Valasquez' gambling debts. 

Reagan bought the Ranch and hired back most of the Vaqueros Valasquez fired.  He ran the ranch like a cattle business and soon enough it was back running as it should.  Reagan bought back all the acreage that hadn't been built on next to the highway.

Now he runs it as a place for inner city kids to get a taste of what it is like to really be an American.  They come back a lot better citizens, with that Reagan and Roy Rogers spirit that sees them through.

Our drugged out leftists don't want you to know about that.  Now you know.  Here is a bunch of those kids.  The great part is that they all came from juvenile halls and became model citizens once they spent a few weeks on the ranch.



Be as fearless as a Rodeo Clown.

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