Is there an Oklahoma Statute that allows volunteer fire departments to charge for services?

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Answered: Volunteer jobs list

Volunteering Solutions provides different types of volunteer work programs to the volunteer’s in 20 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin/South America to assist the local and needy communities. Volunteering Solutions programs planned to teaching, Women Empowerment, join sports coaching ...

Answered: Can I report neighbor to fire department?

You can report anything that you want but what he is doing that must be danger has to be happening at the moment and to just let you know they have to know who reported and you will make such a bad environment for yourself.

Answered: Trying to find out information on Past chiefs, past fire apparatus of the

Have you tried to contact the Fire Dept? They should have records for you so that you can find the information that you want.

Answered: What is the web site for registered volunteers at the tournament?

Volunteering events can be carried out for the improvement of the society, Eco system, animals and environment that are a part of the earth. Latest summer programmers are Healthcare – Medical, Childcare, and Teaching, Wildlife and Conservation, Sports Coaching and so more other activities. For ...

Answered: I am supposed to be charged 4.99, then I see it several times a month

There are some additional cost AOL services that you could sign up for. Many of them offer a free trial period, but they will bill you monthly if you do not cancel. Look on Help, Manage My Account to see what is being billed.

Answered: Beauregard parish fire district #3 Having a problem contacting. Does

Have you tried 911? (Sorry, I just couldn't resist it. Cheers!)
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Mostly an inspection.

How to get teens involved with and committed to volunteer work and

If you have teens you know that you cannot force them to do anything. If this is for school like here in MD. The kids do the time then never do it again. If they are forced to do it you know they never will. You must allow them to make this choice for themselves. If they want to they will.