Is there a way to soften stale donuts?

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Answered: How can i find a winchells donut shop that was in ...

There is a Winchell's at 2648 Glendale Blvd in Silver Lake. If that's the location, you could ask there to see if the present owner knows Samir. A better bet is Samir's Donuts 4102 E. Cesar E Chavez Ave. If it's not the same Samir, he may know the one you once knew.

Answered: Stale Bread?

Keep all the ends of the loaf in the freezer until you have collected several pieces. Grind in the food processor for bread crumbs and store in the freezer in a sealed bag for future recipes. The bread crumbs will keep in the freezer for several months.

Answered: Glazed Donut Recipe

Answered: All natural fabric softeners i have 100% cotton shirts that are very

All natural cotton is very stiff but I have found that soaking in baking soda takes the stiffness out. Even vinegar water is good. Fabric softener can help but I prefer the old home remedies. Either of these will take out the fermaldehyde lurking in new clothing.

Answered: Will the Donuts go stale because of the RNC delay?

The Donuts do look rather delicous perhaps they could be sent to the unemployed people?

Answered: There's ways to avoid booze.

Rocmike how stupid are you. Only someone like you who has the mind of a child would think that someone is going to post then follow it up with porn pictures. That would not only show that he posting it but would make him out to be the stupidest person in the world. Rocmike you already have that ...
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Can salt-based water softeners be harmful to us ...

Normally, a good water softener manufacturer will provide you with the option of a bypass tap for drinking water. Unless your water softener is malfunctioning severely or your water is extremely hard, you will likely be consuming less salt than a slice of ham or biscuit.

Do you buy more than donuts and coffee at Dunkin' Donuts?

No , Just their coffee which I love .

Donut shop featured in register - Newport Beach

You want to work at a donut shop? I don't get this question.

How do you make french toast? I have tried making it with an egg and a

I cook mine basically the same way as Nhalli... I like to bake cinnamon raisin bread and slice it thick (like Texas toast) for my french toast. My favorite recipe is eggs, a small amount of milk, sugar, real vanilla extract, and cinnamon. I roll out sugar frosted flakes to a very fine mixture and ...