is there a connection between MS and fibromyalgia?

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Answered: Fibromyalgia

I have had Fibro for 11 years. First, there are no MRIs, X-rays blood work that will determine if you have Fibro but it will eliminate other problems. Lyrica did not work for me. Also, my primary doctor is well versed with Fibro patients and has many. That has helped me a lot of not having to go ...

Answered: Diagnosing Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. There is no lab test for fibromyalgia. Symptoms of fibromyalgia include: Widespread pain. The pain associated with fibromyalgia often is described as a constant dull ...

Answered: What is the medical treatment received by pro bowler Robert Smith to trat

Robert Smith is a Professional Bowler, he's 35yrs and this past Sunday on PBA (espn) he said he saw a Dr. Al Miles in Tampa.... but that's all he said. I'm trying to find info for my friend.

Answered: Have you heard of mucinex for fibromyalgia

House brand is cheaper and just as good, too. (Walgreens Mucus Relief PE, Immediate-Release Tablets) There's more to it than that, too tells how to test, diagnose and successfully relieve all symptoms of Fibromyalgia. We've known how to do this for over 8 years. Free help by ...

Answered: Will the TheraSauna help with fibromyalgia

It helps but it's expensive. Iv'e been feeling much better using some natural therapy

Answered: Why am i in so much pain with this fibromyalgia sickness it feels

I am now going to question whether fibroymalgia and cfs syn. are connected with the hypoglicemia family will come back with an answer for all fibro patients on Jan 5th for that is my next drs. appt. if anyone can share please feel free.. also, people with fibro do not experience just pain. there ...
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Young girl looking for help with Fibromyalgia

Rachelle, I have had fibromayglia for many years and I'm so sorry you have this painful condition. I'll agree with the answers above; there are many great websites out there that can give you great information; there are so many out there, you could spend a long time just going through a small ...

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Unfortunately there is no magic pill that cures MS or relieves all of it's symptoms; however there are different medications and therapies, which lessen many symptoms, shorten attacks, and may slow down the expected slow and ongoing progression of Multiple Sclerosis. Listed below are a few of the ...