Is the ridley sea turtle an omnivore carnivore herbivore mammal reptile fish amphibian bird?

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Answered: Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is the sport related to catch the fish,surf fishing is catching the fish from the sea beach.Fish surfers usually use some specific location for catching the fish like sandy and rocky beaches,surfcasting is also a term that is relevant to the surf fishing.

Answered: My turtle has been sneezing lately when basking ...

jayb, get your turtle to a reptile vet. Your turtle has an upper respiratory infection. It is dangerous and lethal to your turtle. A good veterinarian is Dr. Dahlhausen (513 576-1990) at 9951 Springfield Pike in Cincinnati, Ohio. Make sure the vet weighs your turttle and consults his text to give ...

Answered: How do you find one of these turtles to adopt? I ...

you should never take a wild turtle from nature. There are many many turtle rescue places on-line that you can adopt a turtle in your state.

Answered: Why are so many birds, bees, and fish dying?

The gradual changes in ecosystem affect some species that sometimes go fatal.

Answered: What is the best bait to use for deep sea fishing for Sea Bass and

I recommend Lug Worm, Squid and Bright coloured lures for bass as they generally hunt by sight. -Frank

Answered: Where do you tie the weight on a deep sea rod for pier fishing?

hi jason twin citiesmark had some excellent advise however the way we do it in california is to depending on the species you are after would be to tie the sinker at the bottom then attach 2 hooks above the sinker about 8 inches above the sinker and another 12 inches above that. this would be the ...
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Catching a turtle while fishing

I have caught a snapping turtle, a duck and a pelican. All were released unharmed, but the pelican was not pleased and very uncooperative. My son once caught a horsehoe crab.

Are sea trout the adult version of the brown trout that live in our

No, they are two different breed of fish. Sea Trout are technically in the Drum family (Black, Red Drum, Croacker, Spot) while Brown Trout is a true trout.

Which kinds of fish hook should I use for fishing the fishes

For rainbow trout in streams: Morning: I like to yse a 1/0 thin wire hook, load it with either dough balls or salmon eggs, leave at least 2' of line tied directly to the hook, a stop and a sliding sinker less than an ounce. Early afternoon: either flies or deep running jigs with very few feathers ...

What is typically the largest FISH in the sea?

Those who don't believe jameslee102447, Faith, and Njoy are god.