Is the Mistress of Magic Spell Caster a scam artist??

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Answered: Genuine spell caster?

Dr Doo Doo said this guy is a fraud!! He is full of Doo Doo!!

Answered: Contact Voodoo Home Of Great Spell (

Her name was Lizzy Stokes, Pedro was well endowed NOW Lizzy Chokes!!! Petro, you bugger.

Answered: Is United Prize Center a scam

There have been many complaints about United Prize Identification Center of Linden, NJ asking for $20 before they will send you a prize. And of course they never send you anything.

Answered: Have you been scammed by a false spell caster?

Dr. Cuckapants can give you an endowment that would make a blue whale turn green with envy. You can pay me after your world record has been confirmed, but if you don't I'll make your nose even bigger.

Answered: Anyone know how the Yuriy Mazik scam works?

Please post your story here: This forum is organized by the victims of Yuriy Mazik schemes. We are trying to collect evidences in order to have a solid law suit against him and his family who are involved as well. You can also contact the admin for more ...

Answered: How to get my money back

There is nothing you can do unfortunately, these people are like leaches they will bleed you dry if they could. Do not send anymore money as you will get nothing back in return, there are NO spell that work and you need to just accept as I did.
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Scam or Real?

Notice that instead of telling you whether the email was bogus, the great AOL customer service rep simply gave you a link to a source which also doesn't answer your question. Typical AOL.

Do you know or tried a spellcaster in the U.K ...

hi! carmen & tanith have very simular addresses, their a scam through and through xx kera