is sally struthers in thye movie "silver lining playbook"?

is sally struthers in thye movie "silver lining playbook"?

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Answered: Silver lining movie

Dwight, try the Internet Movie Database. You can get info there on just about any movie ever made.

Answered: What movie is the line "can i get a cheeseburger with no cheese" from?

I may be mistaken but i believe that line originated in GoodBurger*. I personally enjoyed the movie. *a feature length movie based upon a sketch peformed on the hit Nickelodean show All That

Answered: Is it free to watch movies on Niter?

Well recently I watch Asian porn video in free by online for example see in this video

Answered: What is America's first silver dollar dated 1788 worth

No such coin... The first silver dollars - and the first silver half dollars - were delivered on the same day, October 15, 1794. Chief coiner Henry Voigt was responsible for 5,300 ... and its worth at least $37,500 and as high as $650,000 depending on the condiction of the coin.
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