is richard martin a dating scammer?

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Answered: David neff dating scammer

Yes he is. Go to, click on Male Dating Scammers and you will find his name in that huge list. I am the one who started posting on him there so others can be warned.

Answered: Date Bruce Jenner??

You need time with Reverend Cooper in Bible Study.

Answered: Do u have any polciy on scammers using this site to do so?

Cashshoppers is also a scammer...He suggests you work as a mystery shopper, uses your pay pal to scam others and send the funds to your account so that you forward it to him via western union, and you get vstuck with pay pal

Answered: Online dating scams cons. is there a web site with photos and email

YES it is; also ETCETCETC

Answered: What are fun date night ideas for free?

Getting together at ones house and chefing up a meal , playing cards, board game ( chess checkers). Going fishing, walk on the beach ( collecting shells). Check out your area for free movies in the park, or free concerts...

Answered: Dating

1) Get too drunk Enjoying a bit of a tipple before or during your date is not a terrible idea – frankly, anything to take the edge off potential first date awkwardness is a winner in my book. But know your limits, because there’s nothing worse than finding yourself on a date with someone who has ...
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