Is norah o'donnell related to kelly o'donnell or lawrence o'donnell?

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Answered: Kelly Clarkson

Fuck you. You've asked this moronic question numerous times before.

Answered: Who was "Norah" in the Holy Bible?

There is not a Norah(Nora) in the bible, however the word does mean light in both Hebrew and Greek...

Answered: Public Relations

The two most frequently used marketing promotional methods are public relations and advertising. Advertising is paid, non-personal communication specifically geared to drive sales. TV, print, radio, online, outdoor and cinema advertising and direct marketing are the most common forms. PR ...

Answered: Does the fatuous1 think that Lawrence O'Donnel is a PUSSY?

Rocmike aka American Patriot is putting in its usual long boring posting day with its aliases Mike Dudley, anonymous, Mark N. Starla Train Mike Weaver and Stressed who is still posting at 7.30 am est. All repeating the same thing over and over all going to old questions and answers. The idiot must ...
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Looking for my little Brother Lawrence - Mom's sick!

You're welcome. I'm glad I could help.

Is lawrence o'donnel a lily white lying liberal bully? Fatuous1

These are some of Rocmike's aliases, Bill, Leagle, Bob Suffolk, Southern, Anselm, Melvin, Top Renner, Fletcher, Harley Spirit, Rick Barnett, Lady Aban, Tweek, Mystic, Dr. Kelly, Stressed, Serenity, American Patriot, Ladydarko, Paul Wittenberg, Stanley, Anselmox, Humble, anonymous, Snowskimountain ...

Is Lawrence O'Donnel a little SISSY GIRL or is he willing the MAN UP and

Far right extremist social conservative racist hate mongering birther teabaggers are dumbest group of people God has put on the planet. He did that so everyone else can feel better about themselves.

Are Megan Fox and Jorga Fox related?

No they are not related. Jorja only has one brother. It's weird though, they do look alike!