is my 2008 chevy silverado a z71?

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Answered: 2000 Chevy Silverado powr window

and after that does not work hit it with a rubber hammer

Answered: Where can i get a replasment truck bed for a 1999 chevy silverado

your cheapest option would be to check your local auto slavage yards. you can also check web sites like or ebay. your most expensive option would be from a chevy dealership parts department.

Answered: What is a 2011 silverado z71 lt actual cash valuewith 3300 miles

Go to (kelly blue book) and enter the vehicles info and it will tell you what it's worth

Answered: Door Panel removal

I was a mechanic for twenty five years and I have never seen "Instructions" in print that tell how to remove door panels. Some special tools are made for this task and make the job much easier but they are not absolutly required. I am not familiar with that specific vehicle however it cant be much ...

Answered: How to install a ball joint on a 2005 chevy z71 tahoe?

Easiest way is to remove the upper control arm. Use a rented Ball Joint Press and an impact wrench. Puts it in there quick! I used an electric impact wrench. You should mark the alignment keys so you can put them back in the same spot they were. Safe Wrenching!
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Gas mileage for a 2000 chevy z71???????????????????

My guess is that it is 15 city/18 Highway based on the 5.3L V8 in the Silverado LT. The Z71 is actually a package and not a trim so you would need your window sticker to tell the rating of you specific vehicle. You can check out the other trims that year here: 2000 Chevrolet Silverado trims page ...

How to remove at rear bumper from 2012 chevy volt

did you get the Chevy volt brand new or 2nd hand? if it is brand new you should got a manual for it on removing the bumper.