is molestation on list of mortal sins for Catholics?

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Answered: Adult mortality rates -in a room with 100 average American adults ages 30

Let's say that we have an aggregate mortality rate as an average. Without causing Olweedy and Ol' Yeddar too many nervous breakdowns, let's consider a partial integral. Our range is 13.9% (maximum expected death rate). Our domain is .79% per year of life. Our limit is 101 years maximum reasonable ...

Answered: Should Catholic Priests marry?

Yes, Catholic priests should marry BUT NOT as a means to avoid pedophilia, rape, and other "promiscuity." Pedophilia is a disease, rape has nothing to do with sex, and the other ills associated with priests have to do with themselves. Part of the reason for these scandals on the part of some priests ...

Answered: What makes a real father molest his own daughter

Something not quite right with his brain.

Answered: looking for list to add my name for the ...

You can't put your name on the list until you put the lime in the coconut. And when you do, be sure to remember that's it's cursive, not printed.

Answered: Can you attach a contact list to an email?

Hi Peg: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. How do I export contacts from AOL Mail?

Answered: Contacts List missing

There is an AOL Help article for Address Book is Missing. Aside from the obvious (you are in the right Username, displaying all contacts) the suggestion that helped me was to delete the screenname.abi and screenname.aby files. ...
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Making concessions to mortality . . ..

I heartily concur! The ground at the foot of the Cross is level. Post-grads and illiterate street gangsters, Pharisees and fishermen, all find salvation at the foot of the Cross. I refer to: William J. Murray and Nicky Cruz, Saul of Tarsus and Simon of Galilee, and the rest of the human race ...

Why are people so stupid that they think there's ...

Why are people so stupid that they think GOD must conform to their preconceived ideas?

Are ther any testimonies of women who have had christian victory over

Reverend Cooper, Deacon Dixon and Brother Tony can share many of these stories.

Child molester

The church assoc. can ban any sinners they like by simply filing a restraining order with the local police. They can then judge which sinners have been delivered and which have not. I must advise though, once you start this practice, eventually only one person will be left to attend. If your ...