is melvin edmonds babyface dead?

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Answered: Edmond d baritot is my father.He has be deceased since 1971. Born in ny

Here is a photo of your father's headstone.

Answered: Does asswipe Steve, who posts jokes about the dead ...

Leftist fools like steve fool nobody. They lead lonely unfulfilled lives.

Answered: How could I overcome my fear of dead corpses?

Are you expecting to encounter many corpses in your life? Corpses give most people the creeps. No biggie unless you plan on being a mortician or an EMT or a coroner or something like that.

Answered: To what Genre do the Melvins belong to?

I suppose that "grunge" is appropriate, since the Melvins are closely associated with Nirvana. But you'll also often find "sludge" as the description, which seems most suitable. (Nirvana's first album, Bleach, might be called "sludge" too.)

Answered: What is the song structure for artist and songwriter babyface songs?
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