is melvin edmonds babyface dead?

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Answered: Two dead blue jays found in backyard

Dead birds could have West Nile virus. Your county vector control might be interested.

Answered: Edmond d baritot is my father.He has be deceased since 1971. Born in ny

Here is a photo of your father's headstone.

Answered: Does asswipe Steve, who posts jokes about the dead ...

Leftist fools like steve fool nobody. They lead lonely unfulfilled lives.

Answered: How could I overcome my fear of dead corpses?

Are you expecting to encounter many corpses in your life? Corpses give most people the creeps. No biggie unless you plan on being a mortician or an EMT or a coroner or something like that.

Answered: What is the song structure for artist and songwriter babyface songs?
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