is kerosene and lamp oil the same thing?

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Answered: Antique Road Repair Kerosene Lamps

I think I have one of these. i was told they were called a flambo or a flamebo. I searched the web and you are the only other person i have found who has one. Are yours weighted on the inside bottom with what looks like copper coils? please email me if you come up with anything or want to compare ...

Answered: Oil that goes in Hanging lamp

Hanging lamps have a long wick that goes into a container of oil. You let the wick soak for a day or so and capillary action draws the oil to the top of the wick. Hanging lamps might only be a few inches tall and they usually burn kerosene. Usually kerosene lanterns are safe to use but if you ...

Answered: Can you dye lamp oil

I'm sure it's possible because every Christmas season scented and colored lamp oils are for sale in my area. As to how it's done, I can't say, but the answer is out there somewhere. The colors I recall seeing were red and gold.

Answered: Mix Kerosene with #2 Heating Oil?

Yes. In fact, in colder climates kerosene is mixed into #2 fuel oil at a 1:1 ratio to prevent gelling in fuel oil tanks that are outside. Kerosene produces less BTUs per gallon, but if you already have it sitting there, it's still a net gain and a savings versus having to dispose of it.

Answered: Nightingale oil lamp nursing

There are so many Kerosene lamps out there , what is your budget? I think maybe you can start by contacting the museum they might have some souvenirs.

Answered: Kerosene fuel

Try searching on to find a place.
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Antique oil Lamp

Try taking the lamp to an antique dealer because it's hard to give a value when the condition of the item must be taken into account. Good luck.

Are you an oil refinery and need wholesale Nigerian Bonny Light Crude ...

Wireing a lamp

check out asian floor lamps I think they have a tutorial on page about such things

Can kerosene be used in home heating furnace or diesel fuel ?

Fuel quality is a major problem with the kerosene heater.Kerosene isrecommended as the ultimate in fuel use. Many problems occur when diesel fuel,furnace fuel and even gasoline are used in the heaters. Kerosene is a complexfuel classified as a light to middle distillate.Kerosene doesn't have the ...