is kate amara wbal pregnant?

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Answered: Celebrities Who Get Pregnant Before Marriage: Bad Role Models?

I think it is unbelievable the BAD example that these public figures are giving to our teenagers.. They have no shame when they are not only pregnant before marriage but they parade it on all the talk shows...Ridiculous.

Answered: Kate's Back ... Again!

I think it's so sad how much she exploits the children. It's even sadder that we, the public, allow this!

Answered: Is Kate a Catch?!

I have to agree with Tammy. She's probably a perfect match for someone, but that someone will likely be hard to find, like a needle in a haystack.

Answered: Should Kate spank?

that's what we call child abuse
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Kate's Dancing Debut

She was not the best, but also not the worst! Hope to see her hanging in there a bit longer!

Does Kate look good in a bikini?

No. The boobs are fake, the butt is saggy (see pic in blue bikini/horrible white hat in driveway), has NO waist and heavy thighs. And as usual, her mouth is open, although I'll give her a little credit, it's NOT as wide open as it usually is. And once again, she is searching the area for the ...

Kate's Comeback

only if it's a show about a bitch who is also a complete control freak and ballbuster.

Kate's New Show

My kneejerk reactionto putting those poor children back on T.V. was a huge.... HECK to the NO! But after I did some deep thinking (scary) Before I make that judgement I will have to watch the show to view the kids and thier reactions to things and are they beniffiting from a new home enviroment,and ...