is judy collins a lesbian?

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Answered: Lesbian solo sex

What a blow job!

Answered: I need a lesbian online girlfriend

I am willing to bet that you will find someone who will pretend to be just that.

Answered: Lesbian behavior when after another girl

That would fall under the Trollfighters.AKAfighter.

Answered: How can a 37 year old mother decide she is a lesbian and leaves her home

Shit happens. She may have been a lesbian all along, but was never able to admit it until she fell in love. And trust me, she's doing it for more than sex. And maybe she got sick and tired of being battered constantly by 'godly' people spouting their bullshit about gays and lesbians being evil and ...

Answered: I'm a lesbian who wants to masturbate in public

Where do you want to do this at? Mall, restaurant, movie? It would be interesting to see. Let me know when you want to do this.
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Lesbian behavior towards a woman shes after

Tease a lot? Depends on the person. Some people tease, some don't. Give gifts? I would say that's definitely a hint. But if you want to know, why don't you just come right out and ask her. I'll never understand why so many people are afraid to ask a simple, straightforward question. She'll either ...