is it okay to eat sugar free jello with type 2 diabetes?

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Answered: Healthy along with Diabetes

Drink tea without sugar, if not able you can start with sugar free pills but slowly and slowly try to drink Tea/Coffee or milk without sugar or sugar free pills. At dinner time eat with some hunger remaining. Avoid full stomach eating. read more info:- ...

Answered: Are there certain fruits someone with type 2 ...

Hi, At first I thought that your question was are there certain FOODS that diabetics shoudl avoid. Yes there is a extensive list of foods to avoid. Fruits are not on the list, only dried fruits, as their concentration of sugars can be higher than non-dried fruits, thus dried fruits should be ...

Answered: Since drugs given by doctors for diabetes don't ...

Best way to treat type 2 diabetes is to watch what you eat, lose weight and exercise regularly.

Answered: Diet and Exercise For Diabetes

I suggest you lose weight, here I can recommend you a weight loss product. meizitang botanical slimming, Below is an site it would definitely help you: here provide a large number of meizitang slimming. Easily help you solve the obesity troubles, to achieve a wonderful ...

Answered: If you are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes but keep your blood sugar below

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Answered: Physically challenge and Diabetic bracelet

pandora bracelet :
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What's healthy eating for a diabetic?

Diabetes control diet like Bitter gourd juice,Papaya,Vegetables,whole grain breads and cereals instead of refined flour.etc

Type 1 Diabetes & Glucose Intolerant - Recipes

Easy Diabetic Recipes For most substitutions that you are going to make to your recipes, you are looking for ways to reduce the fat content. Here are some standards that you can use. When your recipe calls for: * Whole milk try substituting with 2% or 1% instead * Whole eggs try substituting with ...

Diabetes & Gluten Free Diet

I found this ebook on the internet that I bought - it is specifically for people that need a gluten free, sugar free diet. It is written by a lady that has a restaurant and uses the same recipes in the restaurant. I am not sure about how good it is. It is for my grandmother and I haven't given it ...

Fasting sugar is 120 and random is 137-140. Am i diabetic now . My age is

Your sugar is definitely high. You may be borderline diabetic. Either way I would suggest that you talk to a doctor.