Is it correct to say May God bless the reading of His word after reading scripture?

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Answered: Some churches teach that man is evolving into becoming God do you

Try not to paint yourself into a corner. Who is to say, what is yet to come from God, through others. There is still yet another to be revealed to us, as it is. I feel God speaks to those who listen and help. The ground is shaky right now, and hard to take a solid stance on the right or left ...

Answered: Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? "I feel well

"I feel good" is good grammar. "Good" is an adjective that describes mood, and some other possible feelings are bad, happy, exhilarated. "I feel bad" is also correct. "Well" is most often an adverb rather than a feeling. "I feel well" could be acceptable for someone who judges the quality of ...

Answered: I invite silly people to send me their work. There is a remarkable lack

Leftist Muslim Atheist poster, if everyone knows that you're posting under all of these aliases why can't you just pick one and post under it? Do you believe they're real people? Do you believe you're fooling everyone into believing others support your insane views? Are you afraid it will remove ...

Answered: What is correct:

"I used to talk to" is correct. "used to" refers to a past activity that was frequent or habitual. I used to go to movies. "I use" is present tense. I use a fork.

Answered: Are the free word processing programs safe?

Yes, they are. I suggest open office.
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what is the cree for "God Bless Us?"

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How sad and lonely is the leftist Muslim Atheist posters life? How sad can your life be when you do nothing but post then have to post on questions that are months and years old. PITIFUL.

Obstacle against Knowledge of God

THE worst barrier.. is Lack of Grace. The finite mind identifies wrongly with the 'false' ego and because of that we THINK we are limited, imperfect creatures who are separate from each other AND our Divine Source. Grace alone is able to shatter that 'false' ego and allow us to realize the one ...

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Are you referencing a sermon you heard, or are you trying to write one? If trying to write one, start with your own story, how has God been good to you, what are your blessings? it's no good to preach to people about abstracts. You have to lay down the real life personal. You have to relate it to ...