Is is proper for the groom to request invitations for his family if the brides parents are paying?

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Answered: What is the grooms financial resposibility to the bride when he calls off

It depends on the circumstances. If it was because of something she did, then nothing. If it was something mutual or that you just realized you didn't love her, something along those lines then you should split at least half the costs of whatever money you couldn't get back. Source: http://www ...

Answered: What can the grooms parents do if everything is covered by the brides

Give a larger wedding gift of cash being you won't be doing the traditional things.

Answered: Is it disrespectful for the son-in-law to not invite the in-laws of his

Do you mean his wife's brothers, sisters and parents, who are his in-laws? Or do you mean his own brothers, sisters and parents, who are his wife's in-laws? I can understand if he wants his family to get together but not include her family. It may be that it would make too many people. Or maybe ...

Answered: I'm looking for a mother of the groom/bride dress that doesn't have a

Jo-Ann There are many beautiful dresses that do not have jackets. I do not know where you live but have you tried Lord & Taylor as they have a great dress department for all ages.

Answered: DIY invitations

Making your own invitations is a great way of not only saving money but also creating a unique and very personal invitations that your guests will love. Plus making them is very simple, all you need is a basic knowledge of the photo editing software on your computer. Up load the image you want to ...
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What if you heard from someone else that you were not invited to family

Fair enough. I AM weird. Though my family is a bit weird also. I take great pride in my weirdness standing out from the crowd. So not being invited to family get togethers was never a problem.

How to write a confrontational note to future mother in law regarding

It is your wedding. Lay down the law and speak your mind or forever, for real, hold your peace.

I was hand given a wedding invitation by co worker ...

The bride was unforgivably rude. I imagine that she wanted a response asap so she could evaluate how many guests would attend, to see if she had room to invite MORE based on those that weren't coming. Not your problem, and she certainly put you in a bad position. I hope you didn't attend.

Does the brides or grooms name go first on monogram?

Hi Ray, I understood they wanted to know if the groom's initials or the Bride's went first on whatever needed a monogram. So, I think traditionally it would be male first. it doesn't matter really especially these days. Just do what you feel looks good to you is my best thought on that.