is hoda kotb a muslim?

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Answered: Is Obama is a Muslim.

Obama is a cowardly drunk, a useless liar, and a hopeless fool. That combination rarely occurs outside of a prison mental wing or radical Islam. Islam ABSOLUTELY forbids drinking, yet they have the very highest incidence of chronic severe alcohol abuse of any group on the planet and the lowest ...

Answered: "I am NOT a MUSLIM!!"

Harley spirit aka Rocmike, you are still posting from yesterday. You started yesterday around 3 pm. That's over 19 straight hours of blogging and you are still posting. You need help and a life. Can you explain why this aliases and at least 20 other of your aliases go to the same persons Facebook ...

Answered: Obama 's Muslim Brotherhood

The inane rationalizations of leftists make them far less than credible. Their games undermine them even further. We have only ONE leftist on AOL Answers, who attempts to disrupt all that goes on, but has failed utterly. I wonder what it must be like to be such a failure as our token leftist? As ...

Answered: Is Rev. Jeremiah Wright a Muslim?

Answered: Is Obama Muslim?

O sold us out. Ran us $17.78 TRILLION in debt. Screams GDA when he is drunk. 6 nights every week. M's drink that much hard stuff. Islam forbids it but they scoff @ their cult. All M's understand is hate. Nothing else but lying.
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The old "Egyption" economy, eh? We have to send jobs there because Americans can't speak English anymore.

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All muslims are atheists running gulags with Hitler.