is Dr. Ruth Wade Phd. legit?

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Answered: Want to contact Dr. Fesko

Fesko, Yuri A. - › Physicians ‎ Yuri A. Fesko, MD. Department / Division Medicine / Medicine - Oncology. 3404 Wake Forest Road, Suite 202. Raleigh, NC 27609. (919) 954-3050

Answered: Why is Dr. George Camacho of Jacksonville, Florida no longer in practice

Genny, I wish I knew as well. Have been calling and googling, to no avail. No one in ofc will tell me and the St. Vincent's Primary Care Director won't return my call. Did you get any answers?

Answered: Legit business?

I think the best thing to do is to refer it to the BBB and ask about the legitimacy of the said business.
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