is david o'donnell any kin to patrick dempsey?

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Answered: Why do people consider Patrick Dempsey hot?

I think he's really hot, look like acharacter in the way, but the hotness was created by his character in Grey's Anatomy. the way he loves nature... they basically made him into the perfect catch. On top of that, he has very nice hair, eyes, body, etc.

Answered: Can Greys Anatomy Survive Without McDreamy?

I think there would be an effect if McDreamy would leave the show but if the writers can come up with more interesting scenes and situations they can manage to pick up more viewers despite his absence.

Answered: General hospital patrick drake hello my name is ...

God, I hope you're locked somewhere safe where you can't hurt yourself.

Answered: What was Microsoft's Kin?

Am I ever glad that I didn't say UltraSquishy and GigaGooey when I was this question earlier. I would have looked foolish.

Answered: How do I sign for next of kin

If you live in Ohio, see this article .
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