is coconut oil alone enough of a sunscreen?

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Answered: Does Coconut Oil cause thyroid issuses and does it make you gain weight

One of the health benefits of virgin coconut oil is a saturated fat that has no hydrogenated or trans-fatty acids. It contains an excellent source of medium chain triglycerides (MCT's). There is some debate on this subject as some Natural Health Practitioners believe virgin coconut oil may help ...

Answered: Preventing coconut oil from solidifying

The saturated fats in the coconut oil tends to collapse when the temperature goes down. So to maintain the liquidity of the oil you need to keep it warm, Wrap a warm cloth around the container, which will keep it temperature high.

Answered: coconut oil soap recipes.

You can find out about how to make soap, handmade soap and a lot of other soapmaking questions at: Soap Making Tutorials At Soap Making Tutorials you can read the best Soap Making Tutorials and learn about soapmaking methods and soap making supplies , Candle Making Tutorials , Bath and body ...

Answered: Pure coconut oil soap formula.

Why not ask a master soap maker? You can find an abundance of soap making information at: Source:

Answered: Is coconut oil ok for cloth diapers

Hey! You got back from the Laundromat just in time. I didn't hear you come in. I reckon I was engrossed in solving the world's problems. Thanx for the clarification. Yeah, slather up your baby's bottom and put that cloth diaper on. No problem.
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Sunscreen on Sunbeds

I think it's like an oxymoron situation to use sunscreen when you're on a tanning bed. I would suggest asking a tanning specialist (one of the professionals at the place you go to) if it's more beneficial to use tanning cream or sunscreen (because it would be a really big waste of money if you were ...

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Supplement combination

fish oil is a source of omega 3 (essential fatty acid), evening primrose is a source of omega 6, the to combine very well together. What is the reason for taking coconut oil (which is high in saturated fat, not too healthy)?


Oxybenzon, High SPF and Retinyl Palmitate(Vitamin A) are few dangerous chemicals in sunscreen.