is broccoli safe to eat if left out overnight after cooking?

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Answered: Left 2 frozen containers of veggie soup in my car overnight. it is in the

If it was up here where I live it would have remained frozen all night, so no problem.

Answered: What does broccoli contain that makes it such a ...

I am a big fan of broccoli, and here is a web site that has a variety of recipes that you can try that all use broccoli.

Answered: Do You Like to Cook?

i love to cook but cooking hates me.

Answered: Left Over Matzah

Mill it and use the stuff intead of scrambled bread.

Answered: Is wild beaver safe to eat?

Yes, if the don't stink and have not been dead too long.

Answered: Is it ok to use baby wipe to wipe baby's face after eating cereal

There is no problem in doing this if you get one from the container. If there are multiple dirty areas, then always start with the face.
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