Is Ben Ong a scammer?

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Answered: Do u have any polciy on scammers using this site to do so?

Cashshoppers is also a scammer...He suggests you work as a mystery shopper, uses your pay pal to scam others and send the funds to your account so that you forward it to him via western union, and you get vstuck with pay pal

Answered: London's Big Ben

nOT SURE WHAT YOUR QUESTION REALLY IS! This is my best suggestion .......... go to, Change ringing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Answered: Ladies you wanna beware of a scammer on the internet who is a internet

How do you know that is his real name since everything else he told you turned out to be a lie . But yes thanks !

Answered: David neff dating scammer

Yes he is. Go to, click on Male Dating Scammers and you will find his name in that huge list. I am the one who started posting on him there so others can be warned.

Answered: Ben Roethlisberger

I have not met him but I have to say I would love to. I'm a die hard Steelers fan! I'm hoping for a better season this year. I also would love for Big Ben to stay out of the bars!

Answered: I want to know who this Eudorah Ofah who is a NIgerian asking for

If you aren't familiar with the Nigerian scam by now, it won't help to tell you.
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Who is Ben Ong Has anyone used his product?

I have not used his products. Information concerning this person can easily be obtained by Googling his name.

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I know nothing of them. If they are connected with BMC, then I would think that they are guilty, by association. JayR, Esq.

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