is astaxanthin good for thyroid?

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Answered: I have an underactive thyroid and medication didn ...

This is a question for you to ask your doctor. Go in the office with your question written down and don't leave until you get a satisfactory answer. Thyroid disease offen requires more than one medication to correct. The dosages of medication must be individually adjusted to each patient and checked ...

Answered: Thyroid issue

get rid of that specalist it sounds like he doesent listen to you and does what he wants your gaining weight cause you have to much of the medicine so listen to your normal doc and get another specalist. The problem with specalist is most of them deal with diabetes and osstioprosis and they really ...

Answered: Thyroid nodulr debris

Thyroid nodules are common, perhaps existing in almost half the population, as determined using ultrasonography (US).

Answered: What does a diagnosis of thyroid inhomogeneity mean

The architecture of both lobes of the thyroid gland is slightly inhomogeneous irregular which could represent early multinodular goiterChronic thyroiditis (hashimoto’s disease) Goiter Graves disease Toxic nodular goiter; an oval 1.5 cm inhomogeneous nodule is seen posteriorAnterior vaginal wall ...

Answered: Which is better omega 3 or astaxanthin supplement ?

Both are okay, but i prefer omega-3. However, it depends on what kind of result do you want or what your body needs. I suggest you should try taking deer antler velvet supplements from I've been taking this for 5 months now and the result is great. With over 400 natural and active ...

Answered: How do they treat a enlarged thyroid?

The doctor will probably put you on Synthroid because I too have an enlarged thyroid.
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I may have underactive thyroid....I have heard ...

Synthroid is safe and works. It will help you deal with the symptoms of an underactive thyroid. perhaps what you heard was of women who were taking the medication and they didn't have thyroid problems and they simply wanted ton lose weight? Speak to your doctor but synthroid is safe and used by ...

If you have a Thyroid problem and it goes untreated can you die from

you can live without your thyroid gland

My mom just had her thyroid removed and her neck is very sore any

i had my thyroid removed on the 2nd june i had 14 staples and mine was sore i was wrapping frozen peas in a t towel and leaving on for short periods during the day

How common is it for men to have problems with their thyroid?

Never hear of men having problems, mostly just the female, will do a search on it.. Sweet G 6/14