Is a triangle with sides of length 6 ft, 21 ft, 23 ft a right triangle?

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Answered: What are my rights against a malicious neighbor when my Landlord refused

we are left to wonder; how is he 'MALICIOUS"? How have you been personally affected, or are you merely in fear that you might be? Don't expect a good answer, when you don't give sufficient facts to enable an informed response.

Answered: What size screws on a Polar FT2 heart rate watch

Eddie- I doubt seriously that anyone is going to know this right off of the cuff. You would have a much better chance at contacting the manufacturer.

Answered: What is the length of the long leg of a triangle?

If it is a right triangle, then a^2 + b^2 = c^2. Otherwise you would need some other information such as the angle between the two sides.

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Answered: What are my rights

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