Is a permit required, in sonoma, ca, to add additional parking spaces at a residence?

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Answered: Help: george mason university will not dismiss a parking ticket

Rosie- She takes her handicap placard into the appropriate folks and shows it to them. She asks for the ticket to be dismissed. If this fails, she goes to the dean. If he will not interveve, she calls the newspaper or a lawyer. JayR, Esq.

Answered: Work permit for permanent resident's spouse

I am not familiar with any way of getting a work permit without first getting approved for the I-130. Sorry.

Answered: How do I file for residency in Florida? What documents do I need

You don't "file" anything for residency ... residency is a matter of intent, what you intend to be your primary, legal residence (its a legal questions). So how do you show your "intent" to reside in Palm Beach County. You do so by getting a place to live there, having that address, having the ...

Answered: Unauthorized use of disabled parking space.

Call your city or town's by-law department and ask to speak to someone about parking Like Confucious say, "Snitches get Stitches" Hope this helps

Answered: Parking contacts

It is good question. When we visit to a new place we should find the parking place near it for safety for our vehicles. I would like to share a link that would help to find the parking locations in New York City. Car Parking In NYC
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Have gun, Will travel ............and shoot! Bubba

Handicap parking permit

contact your local DMV Office.

Handicapped parking permits --how do I find an application form

You can look up your local license place registration department in your county. You may not be able to do this on line. Give them a call.

Concealed Weapon Permits for nonresidents

Go to and check out the links regarding reciprocity for non-residents. Good luck!