Is a check from HBW Vi RESALE INC fraud?

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Answered: Fraud

Credit card fraud can happen several ways. Your card could be lost or stolen and used to purchase goods and services. A criminal could obtain your card number and expiry date and use this information to buy merchandise by phone or over the Internet. Or criminals could tamper with payment terminals ...

Answered: Can I get in trouble for resume fraud if I simply up-play my job

Sorry Crystal...but only politicians are allowed to lie....

Answered: What is NSL CUBS CHECK PYMT ARC electronically submitted to bank?

SUBS CHECK PYMT means an electronic payment substituted for a check. ARC just means that your check was converted to a debit. 1035 could be your check number.

Answered: How can I turn someone in that claims they were injured in a car accident

Were you there? Did you witness the accident? Then how do you know? Stop and think before setting out to destry someone's life.

Answered: How much does VA Fraud cost each year

It's hard to tell, considering how many veterans the VA screws over every year.

Answered: Check from Capex Trust / Financial in it a scam?

I would check with the local BBB in Canada. Do a search on Google or Also check with and If they have a website, go to and see who its registered through.
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Check scams

You are liable my friend, BUT not only you, this scam is a chain of effect. Everybody is affected, disappointed.......

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There is a type of fraud that has to do with selling large lists of people's information to companies to use as sales leads. The unfortunate part, besides selling people's private info, is that these lists sell for a lot of money but yield low results since the lists are random and not usually from ...

Is TA MART - SERVICES, Inc. part of a global scam?

Probably a phishing expedition to get the rest of your personal information when you "activate". They'll tell you to cash the check and send them back some of the money. Surprise - the check bounces 10 days later and your on the hook for the money you sent them + any of it you already spent.