is a 50 heart rate in a 81 year old male normal?

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Answered: Childs heart rate

The normal HR for children 5-7 years of age is 65-140 beats per minute.

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Answered: Fetal heart rate

Yes, the infant's heart cannot maintain that heart rate for too long. The heart will become exhausted and will decompensate and the baby may die. The baby may be in distress of any number of causes. Have the problem evaluated.
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hi iam 65 yrs male took stress test was on treadmill less than 5 min hr was170 was told had to end test doc was afraid of heart attack i was feeling fine at the time but u might be outter shape good luck either way den

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This definitely a serious condition which I assume you are having followed by a neocardiologist or who ever your delivering physician referred you to. do not miss any of these appointments and God bless you and your baby. janie

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