IS 408 : 1981 Specification for grease No. 0, graphite composition speification?

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Answered: I have glassware with years of grease buildup, how do I remove it?

Good crystal? Pyrex? Glasses from the Dollar Tree? What kind of grease? How did the buildup occur? Was your hubby using a pyrex baking dish to catch the old oil? Were you pouring bacon grease into a glass measuring cup?

Answered: What is the chemical composition of steel 709?

What is the chemical composition of L80 1% chrome, L80, P110? Tks.

Answered: Graphite

Please see the following links for high quality graphite products including graphite foil , graphite sheets , powdered graphite , graphite felt , carbon felt , and much much more

Answered: Can you tell me the Advantages of Pre-Stressed composite insulators?

What's the point of posting under 5 different screen names when everyone knows it's you?

Answered: What did toilets look like in 1981?

1981 ???? Wy sunny...that was jest yestiddy. toiltes then looked zakley like they dew taday! Read a book and look at the pitchers.

Answered: Why do these taxi drivers from 1981 look like people who have NEVER even

Bidet Boy posts all these questions about poop and bidets but he seems to have a favorite brand he always just happens to mention. A bunch of people think he's advertising, just report him. If he's not advertising, then he's probably hoping to get scared shitless.
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