is 135/55 too low a blood pressure?

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Answered: Why is my blood pressure very high when simple walking and very low when

I have same issue and am being sent for a heart scan and kidney scan.

Answered: How do you treat LOW blood pressure?

some of the most common types of hypertension: Stand up gradually - particularly first thing in the morning. It may also be useful to try other physical movements first to increase your heart rate and the flow of blood around your body. Avoid standing for long periods of time - this can ...

Answered: How dangerous is blood pressure that is too low?

I have read that the dangers of very low blood pressure are similar to very high blood pressure (strokes). Mine is always on the low side, sometimes so low it badly affects me, can't hardly get my breath etc A friend of mine just told me licorice can help raise it (3 sticks a day for 3 weeks, then ...

Answered: Can chronic low blood pressure prevent healing?I ...

low blood pressure or low diastolic blood pressure may play a role in healing because blood carries nutrients and oxygen around the body to nourish cells etc. so i would like to believe low blood pressure has a hand in it.

Answered: Low blood pressure

You also clearly have got a low diastolic blood pressure . But if you do not have any symptoms of low blood pressure not to worry at all.

Answered: I have low sodium low sugar, low blood pressure ...

I think you have symptoms of low blood pressure meaning your blood pressure is abnormally low. I suggest you visit a physician.
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Blood pressure LOW

Low blood pressure readings should not worry you at all. Your doctor is right. Low blood pressure is unlike high blood pressure in which a diagnosis will be arrived at with only readings in the absence of symptoms. Low blood pressure requires that symptoms be present. Until you develop symptoms of ...

Are there any changes that you can make to your diet besides cutting out

Sometimes other things than food can cause BP to rise. You should check yourself with a professional. Do all the analysis before making a call how to treat this condition on your own.

Problems with Low Blood Pressure

I have had low blood pressure all my life. Sometimes as low as 60/40 but usually 90/60. I was always 5' & 97lbs. I am still 5' but now in my 50's weigh almost double that. My blood pressure now is around 110/70.

I am having low blood pressure last reading was 90 ...

You could be experiencing an electrolyte imbalance in the body. But it is important that you consult with a doctor who will check you up thoroughly and can prescribe medication accordingly. If you are experiencing fluctuations in blood pressure, there are blood pressure supplements that ...