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How can I keep all songs on my ipod that was authorized to a different computer without importing them to an outsourced memory?

Dear ality,let me help you .first ,let me assume all the sons in your iPod were authorized to your friend's computer .as we known, apple only allow their users to sync music or other stuffs from PC to iPod device with iTunes. If you sync your iPod/iPhone to a different iTunes library on a different computer, the files on your iPod/iPhone will be erased when your sync. You can use an iPod to computer transfer to move all the songs from your iPod to your own computer.this method is no need to use iTunes. just four click ...if you want to see the details ,you could refer to this guide http://www.dvd-ripper-copy.com/articles/transfer-music-video-from-ipod-to-pc-itunes.html


If you still can't solve your problem ,i give you another suggestion.you could ask your friend to convert all the DRM -protection songs with authorization in his computer to DRM-free ones and then sync these songs to your iPod again.then all the songs can be kept in your ipod or your computer even in your mobile .just for a trial.

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