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Is iodine the same as iron oxide?

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Hi Gail,
No, Iron oxide is either FeO or Fe2O3.  Iodine is an element (atomic number 53 if my memory serves me well and its symbol is I) that belongs to the "Halogens" group.  Read more about Iodine here
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Hi Gail,

There are 16 iron oxides which are chemical compounds composed of iron and oxygen.  Here are their chemical names:






Main article: iron(III) oxide-hydroxide

Iodine on the other hand, is a chemical element that has the symbol I and atomic number 53. Naturally-occurring iodine is a single isotope with 74 neutrons.

So to answer your question.  No, they are not the same.


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I  underwent lung surgery and was given Iodine dye, have government print out of payment and it list it, so i know.... since then 2 months or more my skin has broken out with sores..... one night i itched so bad i walked the floors and cried, my daughter pulls up iodine and it says the only way it excapes the body is though the skin.... what do you know about same? 

i was given a steroid shot and it did nothing for the itching... i have light skin, and have always shown any problem on my skin.... what do you know.... never again do I want iodine in my body... ps my mother also had a reaction to iodine...


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